Annual Meeting of the Membership for BOD Elections on 09 March 2020

All…Please be advised that the annual meeting of the membership to elect eligible candidates for the two open Board of Directors positions will be on 09 March 2020 as part of and prior to the regular March BOD meeting (GCR&GC Bylaws – 2.1 Annual Meeting)

The two positions that are open this year are currently held by Larry Robertson and Shannon Wells for a term of three years (GCR&GC Bylaws 3.3 Number, Election and Qualification of Directors). The term in office will be from March 2020 thru March 2023.

Election calendar for future BOD open positions:

Chuck Cluff – term in office will be March 2018 thru March 2021

Dean Wells and Dave Larson – term in office will be March 2022 thru March 2025

After the membership meeting for the election of the open BOD positions has concluded the BOD will then vote on the election of the officers of the corporation: President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. (GCR&GC Bylaws – 4 Officers, 4.1 Number and 4.2 Election and Term of Office)

After the officers of the corporation election has concluded the regularly scheduled March 2020 BOD meeting will begin.