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These matches would fall on the 2nd Sat. of each month in rifle bays 2 & 3 (the ones with the existing rails).  Proposed starting time 10:00 AM.

There should be no funding required to start, as we have the silhouette targets already.  A $3 contribution from each shooter in the match should cover target maintenance, paint & score cards.

I propose two lever gun type of matches alternating every other Sat.  One would be in caliber .22 LR (our lighter silhouettes) & the other

would be any pistol caliber Lever Rifle that would include .22 LR, 22 mag (no 17s as they can cause target damage),25-20,  32-20, 32 H&R, 32 short, long  .38, 357, .44 Spec./44 mag, 45 Colt, for our slightly heavier pistol caliber silhouettes.  I would think that there may be a few Cowboy Action shooters that may be interested in this.

Rifles to be equipped with iron sights only, but peeps & or fiber optic front beads or front aperture are OK.

All targets are shot offhand & will consist of 10 of each animal for a total of 40 for score.  No sighters during the match, but here will be time before the match for sighting in.

The distances are the same as our current silhouette rails with the Chickens at 40M, pigs at 50M, turkeys at 75M & rams at 100M.

You can have a spotter if you want with binoculars (no scopes).

Course of fire:

Each shooter is assigned a relay & an animal to start on.

1) the Match Director (MD) will call a relay to the line.

2) when everyone is at the line, there will be a 30 second “Ready” command, at which time the shooters remove their OBIs and load five rounds for their first bank of 5 animals.

The MD then gives the “Fire” command, (any shot prior is a miss).& the shooter has two minutes to shoot his silhouettes in order from left to right (an animal shot out of order is a miss)..

3) The MD then calls a “Cease Fire” (any shot after is a miss),  Then, “Open & clear weapons, insert OBI and rack them”!

4) When the line is safe, the MD states that & commands the shooters to reset & paint their silhouettes & record their scores.

5) The second set of five animals are then shot.

6)  The progression to the next animal that the shooter will shoot is Chickens-Pigs-Turkeys- Rams.  If the shooter starts on the turkeys say, then his next animal would be the Ram, then the Chicken, then the Pig)

I hope that covers most of it.

Thanks, Denny Wiley, Match Director