Sanctioned Events/CMP Info
Shooting Range Emmett, Idaho

  1. .22 Silhouette Rifle Matches (followed by these matches on a rotating basis: Military Rifle Match, Lever Action Rifle Match, .22 Pistol Match and Military Pistol Match).
  2. Black Powder/Muzzle Loader Rifle Matches
  3. Cowboy Action Shooters and Wild Bunch Shooters Matches
  4. USPSA (United States Practical Shooting Association) Pistol Matches
  5. Idaho Fish & Game Hunter Education
  6. Scooter’s Youth Hunting Camp
  7. BSU Military Firearms Educational Shoot
  8. Defensive Carry Pistol Matches
  9. Precision .22 Rifle Matches
  10. IAWCA (Idaho Automatic Weapons Collector’s Association) Matches

Law Enforcement Agencies That Utilize GCR&GC Range Facilities

  1. Emmett Police Department
  2. Gem County Sheriff’s Department
  3. Ada County Sheriff’s Department
  4. Garden City Police Department
  5. U.S. Probation & Pretrial Services, Idaho

shooting range emmett idaho