Range Use Info
Shooting Range Emmett, Idaho

No responsibility is assumed by the Gem County Rod and Gun Club Inc. for any injuries sustained while on Club Property. Each member willingly and freely executes the attached waiver as a condition to membership and the right to access Club Property.

1. The possession or use of alcohol and / or drugs is STRICTLY PROHIBITED at the range at all times. Anyone appearing to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol is will be removed from the premises.

2. The GCRGC Inc. firearm range is known as a “Cold Range”, all firearms are to be unloaded at all times, except when actually at the firing line. Your firearm is to be brought onto the property unloaded. Load or reload your pistol only when on the firing line. No loaded firearms are allowed behind the firing lines.

3. Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult at all times and are never permitted to play in any of the bays, whether they are in use or not. No one is to be on the earth berms separating shooting bays, this is an unsafe area. No walking or standing on any berm.

4. No pets are allowed on GCRGC Inc. property. (Service dogs and police K9’s are allowed).

5. Never break the 180° Rule by pointing your firearm past 90 degrees to the side or behind you when at the firing line. Including when using shoulder and cross draw holsters. If you are unclear about the 180° Rule ask BEFORE you are ready to shoot. You can break the 180 degree rule at the firing line without actually firing the gun and still lose your membership.

6. Always keep your trigger finger alongside the frame and completely out of the trigger guard at all times when handling any firearm unless you are actively engaging a target.

7. You may carry a concealed weapon that is loaded as long as you do not touch it. Unless you want to shoot your concealed carry gun, just leave it concealed. If you plan to shoot it, cold range rules apply. You may unholster only when range is hot. At absolutely no time, can a loaded pistol be removed from the holster unless you are on the firing line ready to shoot. No shoulder holsters or cross draw holsters with pistol pointing behind you when holstered are allowed to be drawn from while shooting. See Rule 5.

8. Handguns with handgun cartridges, rim fire and muzzle loading pistols ONLY are allowed in pistol bays. No centerfire rifles or handguns chambered in rifle calibers allowed. Any firearms that can be shouldered are prohibited on the pistol range – No Exceptions! No centerfire magnum loads and/or loads over 1200 FPS. Rim fire and any traditional pistol caliber, muzzle loading pistol, lever action rifle pistol calibers in SASS sanctioned matches are allowed. No other centerfire rifles or rifle calibers in handguns are permitted. This includes any pistols chambered for rifle rounds such as, but not limited to T/C Contender, etc.

9. Do not handle firearms when another person is downrange checking or changing targets. When going downrange to perform any action, all long arms must be placed on a shooting table or rack, unloaded, with their actions open with open bolt indicators and not be touched until everyone is back to the firing line. Open bolt indicators / empty chamber indicators (ECI) are now REQUIRED. Handguns can be unloaded and holstered when another person is checking or changing targets, if placed on a table they must have actions open with an empty chamber indicator inserted. No one is to be handling an uncased firearm, including, but not limited to, when transferring firearms to and from a vehicle, when others are downrange of them. Any firearm not cased or holstered must be carried with the action open and muzzle up and have a chamber flag inserted in the chamber so that anyone can clearly see it is unloaded. While moving them from location to location, all long weapons (rifles, carbines, shotguns) will be unloaded, have muzzles POINTED UP with actions open and open bolt indicator inserted, pistols must be unloaded and holstered or cased.

10. Remove all the targets and target frames YOU brought to the range when finished shooting. Do not use glass bottles, electronics, scrap metal and perishable food items or rocks as targets. Only paper, cardboard and approved steel targets into a side berm. Steel targets will not be engaged within 15 yards.

11. Do not shoot at the power lines, covers, storage vans, signs or other club property not designed as targets. (Anyone causing damage to range equipment or facilities shall be personally and monetarily liable for such damage).

12. All Shooters and spectators at or near the firing line are required to wear eye and hearing protection at all times. Hearing protection devices may be either the passive or electronic type.

13. Keep Gate Closed and Locked after entering or leaving. The gate may be left open during club events at match director’s discretion.

14. The use of incendiary ammunition, incendiary devices, exploding targets, armor piercing and tracer ammunition is strictly prohibited on Club property due to range fire hazard. Do not use steel core bullets between April 1st and October 31st due to range fire hazards.

15. Use the safety table when you need to work on your gun, there is to be NO ammunition at the safety table. Ammunition and loaded firearms must not be handled at the safety table area. This includes loaded magazines and live or dummy round magazines – Loading ammo or unloading of magazines can be done anywhere EXCEPT at the safety table area. You may NOT insert a loaded magazine into a firearm until you are at the firing line.

16. All Club range officials have the right to deny range use and access if any of the range safety rules are violated resulting in an unsafe act. Every shooter and guest has a duty to report rules violations and unsafe acts. The Club range officer has COMPLETE AUTHORITY over both shooters and guests. Failure to obey a range officer is grounds for immediate removal and revocation of membership and property access.

17. The Club shall not be responsible for personal property or equipment left on the Club premises. Check the website “Lost and Found” page.

18. Club cards must be carried at all times by members while on the Club property. Members agree to present membership card and photo ID to Club officials upon request.

19. All shooting must cease at sun down, until one half hour before sunrise, unless prior arrangements have been made with the Board of Directors.

20. A Member shall be limited to bringing (2) non-member people as guests. All members are responsible for their guests and guests must be on same firing line/bay as club member. Members are responsible to fill out guest waivers on each visit.

21.  An adult member at least 21 years of age must accompany and supervise children under the age of 18. All minor children using the range must be able to comprehend the range rules. The supervising adult may only supervise 2 minor children. The adult may not shoot concurrently with a minor child. If there are more than 2 minor children present, there must be an adult member or guest to supervise each additional 2 children regardless of whether the children will be shooting at the range.

22.  Commercial firearm trainers and people reserving range bays are responsible for ensuring their students, spectators and guests abide by the GCRGC Inc. safety and policy rules. Trainers are responsible to ensure all participants sign a guest waiver. Commercial trainers must meet GCRGC requirements and have Board approval prior to conducting any training.

23.  Do not shoot at any wildlife on GCRGC Inc. property.

24.  Sanctioned events and activities have priority over casual unscheduled shooting. Users are encouraged to check the GCRGC Inc. website for range availability at: www.gcrgc.org.