Shooting Range Emmett, Idaho

About Our Membership

Our club is about safety, responsibility and skill development in the use of firearms of all types. The membership includes male and female, young and old, experienced and novice. On our range you find people practicing with .22 caliber target rifles, high powered hunting rifles, shotguns, black powder rifles, revolvers, semi-auto pistols, antique and unique firearms. Law enforcement agencies also take advantage of our facilities for training and practice. Several professional firearms trainers use our range for classes throughout the year. We all share a common respect and appreciation for firearms and your right to own them.

Club Meetings

Club meetings are held on the second Monday of each month at the Senior Citizens Center located at 719 S Johns Ave in Emmett at 7:00pm. All members are encouraged to attend the meetings, participate in discussions and offer ideas or suggestions. You do not have to live in Gem County to join.

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Membership Application Information

GCR&GC Membership Fee Structure. Please read it carefully.

1) All Gem County Residents – Full Membership = $50.00 Per Year
2) All Non Gem County Residents – Associate Membership = $45.00 Per Year

Note: The only difference between a Full Membership and an Associate Membership is that a Full Membership (Gem County resident) has voting rights in the annual election of the GCR&GC Board of Directors and an Associate Membership (Non Gem County Resident) does not have those voting rights (refer to section 2.1a Voting Rights of the GCR&GC By Laws). Other than voting rights in the GCR&GC annual election of the Board of Directors the two types of memberships are the same.

A waiver form must be completed for each guest of a member (Good for one year)

Download Waiver form


GCR&GC Membership Information

Effective August 2023 the GCR&GC will not accept any applications for an associate membership (NON GEM COUNTY RESIDENTS) in the club once the 1700 limit has been met. Gem County residents may still apply for full membership for current year at any time. When the 1700 limit has been met, it will be posted here.

To apply for membership in the GCRGC, download the membership application, fill it out and mail it in along with the correct membership dues. All 3 pages of the membership application need to be sent in. Link to the membership application is also listed immediately below.

Please take the time to read ALL of the member info on the membership page plus ALL of the info on the membership application. Allow three – four weeks for your application to process (our staff is all volunteers and we do this in our spare time).

GCR&GC members are responsible for sending in membership renewal forms. GCR&GC memberships are valid from the 1st of January thru the 31st of December of the calendar year.

2024 Apply Now

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Current members of the GCR&GC, Inc may apply for their next year membership(s) beginning on 01 Sept thru 30 Sept.

After 01 Oct any qualified individuals (new or existing members) may apply for annual membership in the GCR&GC, Inc.

Memberships in the GCR&GC, Inc are limited to 1700. Any Gem County resident may apply for a membership in the club without being subject to the membership cap.

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